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Babease is committed to helping parents change the way we nourish our little ones.

Our vegetable-led recipes are delicious, nutritious and only use the finest organic ingredients, locally-sourced, where possible. Every recipe is carefully created by experts, so as to introduce babies to a wide variety of flavours & textures, and to encourage our little ones to enjoy the wonderful world of real food.

Each recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, with no added salt or sugar, and no additives or preservatives. We don’t use egg or soya in our recipes either.

We want to give your family the most flavour-packed food possible, which means we have included some ingredients never used before in the baby food market – quinoa, kale, beetroot & fennel, to name a few. The recipes are perfectly balanced for babies, gentle on little tummies, and wonderful for developing broad palates.

Our honest and transparent approach means the name on the pack is the same as our ingredients listing. Babease is the first baby food brand to use an ingredient wheel on the back of every pack to demonstrate the exact ingredients at a glance. We want to help busy parents make informed decisions on what they feed their little ones.

Its food for babies, not baby food!

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Babease Baby To Toddler
Babease Baby To Toddler