Lullaby Shades

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Musical Sleep Shade- the integrated music system transforms any brand of buggy or pushchair with a hood into a darkened music filled sleep pod, helping baby get to sleep “on-the-go”. • FREE MP4 Player and lullaby music-  the MP4 is pre-loaded with over 50 minutes of soothing lullabies, parents can also download music or stories of their choice.  • Weather Protection  o Sun Protection – Blocks 94% of UVA & UVB rays making it the perfect holiday companion. Compact and lightweight, it tucks away in its own bag, making it much easier than awkward parasols. o Wind Chill – zip the shade up to help reduce the bite of the winter wind & light rain • “SeeMe!” Reflectors – be seen and safe, perfect for evening walks • Cool Flow vents – a unique feature to encourage excellent air flow throughout the shade     • Insect Protection – ideal for keeping away pesky bugs and flies. • Breathable, lightweight, washable fabric.