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POTTYTUNITY is a Potty Training book, as well as a home, telephone/video and online Consultancy Service, providing help, advice and support to Parents, Early Years Providers (EYPs), Local Authorities, Voluntary Organisations, Health & Government Institutions.

POTTYTUNITY teaches parents, private and public sector organisations, the importance of early infant toilet training, as well as assisting them with toddler toilet training.  We do this by providing them with the help, advice, support and face-to-face interactions in which they may require.

POTTYTUNITY focuses on a less diaper reliant way of toilet training through Elimination Communication (E.C) techniques, to help minimize the absorption of chemicals in which children are exposed to daily, through continuous diaper wearing.  Our natural & safe non-coercive methods, also help in reducing the environmental impact in which disposable diapers lead to.
For more information, you can find Team POTTYTUNITY at stand B15, where they will be hosting a Walk-In Toilet Training Advice Clinic, to deliver FREE advice for all of your toilet training issues.