Baby To Toddler | NEC 2019 | Model Daisy-May Demetre
We’re really excited to announce that double amputee and international model Daisy-May Demetre will be walking down the Kidzootd Catwalk at Baby to Toddler, NEC Birmingham on 30 Dec – 1 Nov.
Birmingham school girl, Daisy-May was born with a birth defect in which all or part of the fibular bone is missing. She hasn’t let this hold her back, learning quickly to use her prosthetic limbs and following her dream to become a top international model. She’s taken part in New York and Paris Fashion Week and London Kids Fashion Week and has modelled for leading brands including Nike, River Island and Boden. We asked Daisy-May a few questions about her inspirational journey. 

Can you give us a bit of background to your disability?

I was born with a birth defect called fibula hememelia the fibula bones were missing and feet never formed. I had to have a double amputation at 18 months old.

When and how did your modelling career start?

My dad made me a promise and we went out and made it happen.

What do you think the model agencies saw in you that they liked?

I’m just me and love life.

How do you manage to balance your school work with modelling?

We take work with us if we are travelling around.

What has been your favourite modelling job to date?

New York Fashion Week and Paris fashion week.

Where is the favourite place you’ve visited with modelling?


Who inspires you to be so positive and fearless?

My dad.

What do your friends think of you being a top model?

I don’t tell them but they see me on things and are all excited.

What sort of fashion do you like? What do you like to wear most?

Big dresses and gym stuff.

Does your dad have any tips for parents of children who want to get into modelling?

Belief and love is what makes what we do work and work hard.

What would you say to other children with disabilities who would like to get into modelling?

Just do what you can do and never give up.

Do you want to continue modelling when you are older or there is something else you’d like to?

I want to be a supermodel.

What is your favourite thing to do other than modelling?

I like doing gymnastics and circus training.

See Daisy-May modelling clothing on the Kidzootd Catwalk with shows throughout the weekend. Brands include:
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