Don’t buy another cuddly toy! Does your baby or toddler really need it?

Baby To Toddler | 30 Nov to 1 Dec, NEC | The leading baby, toddler & parenting shopping event in the UK | Childrens ISA
In the run up to Christmas with the festive spirit, the heart warming Christmas Ads and all of the Black Friday offers and deals we can all get lured into buying impulse gifts or just one more item for our Children... a cuddly toy, some more Lego, a doll or books, but do they really need it?
Last Christmas billions were blown on gifts, with poor decision making and impulse buys which left a whole host of them going to waste at a major national expense. It was estimated by VoucherCodes that last year £961.97 million worth of presents were unwanted, with only £143 million worth of unwanted Christmas presents being returned to retailers in the days after Christmas and fuelling many to end up online.  
According to eBay, 74 million items were listed on eBay by the Friday after Christmas, as consumers pack up unused goods from Christmas to re-sell on the internet.
So before you go and purchase any more gifts, have a think about what savings goals your small human might have and what aspirations you have for them. Would they want to go to University? Buy a house or learn to drive? All of these need financial support and saving a smaller monthly amount now will make the financial burden on them later in life smaller and reaching these goals achievable.
The Children’s ISA is a Junior ISA provider who makes saving for your children and grandchildren easy. The online application is quick and easy to complete and once the account is open the account is all managed online and anyone can Top-up the account – so fingers crossed no more unwanted gifts!
Junior ISA the fast facts and things you need to know:
Just like an ISA each child has a tax-free savings allowance that can be utilised for them for the tax year. This tax year 2019/2020 which ends on 5th April, the Junior ISA allowance is £4,368.
Any UK resident child under 18 is eligible for a Junior ISA. If your child was born between September 2002 and the 2nd January 2011 will have a Child Trust Fund. If your child holds a Child Trust Fund they will have to transfer this into a Junior ISA for them to become eligible.
Any parent or guardian can open a Junior ISA and anyone can make contributions into it. You can open a Junior ISA with the Children’s ISA with a minimum investment of £10 quickly and easily on the Children’s ISA online application.
For more information on Stocks & Shares Junior ISAs please visit Or if you are coming to the Baby To Toddler Event at the NEC The Children’s ISA Team will be on Stand D1 at the end of the month to answer any of your questions and would love to see you!

* Published: Wednesday 27 November 2019