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The Children’s ISA is a Junior ISA which offers tax-efficient savings for your child and grandchild’s future.

For people who are ‘saving up for when they grow up’. The Children’s ISA offers savings for all budgets - at the Children’s ISA you can open an account with a minimum investment of £10 and up to the maximum of £4,368 this tax year.

Why Invest in a Junior ISA?
- Help your child save for education or their first home from an early age.
- Provide a sum that will reduce the burden of debt on your child's life.
- Make saving rather than borrowing habitual for your children.
- Provide a savings vehicle for friends and family to pay into - no more unwanted gifts!
- Benefit from the tax advantages of a Junior ISA

The Children’s ISA for a brighter future. Visit www.childrensisa.com to open a Junior ISA today.