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Multi-purpose play-based educational Learning Cards that promote knowledge and a deeper understanding of various concepts and subjects to help boost children’s IQ levels, build a robust visual memory and instill a natural enthusiasm for a life-long interest in learning.

Designed and made in the UK from start to finish, we offer a range of high-quality and ultra-thick learning cards which include detailed high-definition real-life imagery in natural surroundings accompanied by easily absorbable pieces of information that help encourage conversations and make grasping and retaining of information easier in children.

All our Learning Cards sets come in a premium magnetic-close box and include a 30-page How-To guide which is packed with intelligent play-and-learn ideas and suggestions of games you can play using your Teddö Play® Learning Cards in a variety of settings - home, school, classroom, cars, trains, picnics, travel, holiday, flights – helping children replace screen time with fun-packed learning!