Early Learning Talks

Early Learning Talks

Dr. Robert Titzer, early language expert and Founder of Your Baby Can Learn will help teach visitors how they can help their babies and toddlers learn language during the first two years of life when around 75% of brain mass is forming. Dr. Robert Titzer will be speaking at the show on both Saturday and Sunday. No need to book, just head over to the Experts Area a few minutes before his talk begins. 


How to Talk to Babies and Toddlers
Babies who are taught more words early in life also typically know more words later in childhood. In addition, early language scores predict later reading ability and even influence how quickly babies think. Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will give practical tips that help babies and toddlers learn language skills.

Teach Your Baby or Toddler a Foreign Language – Even If You Don’t Know One
 Infant researcher Dr. Robert Titzer will outline some of the factors to consider when choosing additional languages for your baby, along with the effects of learning second languages from birth versus later in childhood. He will provide suggestions for how to put your baby or toddler on a path toward being bilingual or multilingual even when the parents aren’t fluent in other languages.

Nurture Early Maths, Music, and Thinking Skills in Babies and Toddlers
 Research shows early maths skills predict later academic success. In addition, in the future, more jobs will require maths and spatial thinking abilities. Dr. Titzer will provide research-based tips on how to teach maths and spatial thinking. He will also share how parents can increase the chances that their children will learn musical pitch and he will present research on the effects of music training on children’s development.

Scientific Principles that Enhance Early Language and Reading Skills
 Each one of the scientific principles that Dr. Titzer presents has been shown to enhance infants’ language skills. Early language and reading skills have a lifelong effect on people’s lives, so learning more about this important topic will likely change how you interact with your baby or toddler. The number of new language connections in your child’s brain peaks just before 11 months of age, so follow these principles for language learning as soon as you can.